List of known Characters.

Main Characters Edit

  • Jack Carlson: Our MC.
  • Amanda Martin: A Doom Driven Oracle. A shy and slightly chubby girl in Jack's Homeroom. Jack tried to comfort her after Dr.Crane picked on her a bit in class. An Exceptional Female.
  • Lorraine "Lori" Auffrey: Jack's Step-Sister. An Exceptional Female with base Class and Race of T2 Arcane Archer and T4 Cloud Nymph. She lives at home alone with Jack and is thus constantly exposed to his pheromones.
  • Mikey Williams: Jack's Best Dumb Friend. Got Poet as a Birth Class, but would have preferred Fighter or Worker.

Side Characters Edit

  • Alex Purcell: a Dwarf in Jack's Homeroom. Friends with Michelle Darlington and Sam Smith.
  • Alison Crane: The [Horizon Scorcher], the [Soaring Apocalyse], the [Refiner of Mortal Dross], that beautiful and singular existence known to those who are incapableable of understanding it as “Dr. Allison Crane”. Also, Jack's Homeroom and Magic Teacher.
  • Bethany Auffrey: One of Lori elder sisters. Off at Duke(presumably College/University). She came back for James Carlson’s funeral.
  • Devin: One of Jack's friends. Is upset about getting some sort of [Troll] Race.
  • James Carlson: Jack's father. Former Fighter Teacher at [Principal] Smith's school. Now deceased.
  • Johnathan Winters: [Assistant Principal] to [Principal] Smith. A high level Computer. The Mind behind the school's workings.
  • Kourtney Wright: A Cecaelia that Jack bumped into on his way out of the special need washroom. Hates his guts for hogging said washroom while being a normal humanoid shape and size. In swimming class with Lori.
  • Matthew Grant: Jack's Shop and Workplace Safety Teacher. Says the currently accepted description of Worker's XP Gain mechanic is a "crock of shit". Has high hopes for Jack.
  • Michelle Darlington: An Elf in Jack's Homeroom. Friends with Alex Purcell and Sam Smith.
  • Mike Williams: Head of the Longshoreman's Union. Mikey's father.
  • Miss Evans: Gardening Teacher. Possible a Wood Elf.
  • Mrs. Calloway: Home Economics Teacher. Has some sort of aura that makes everything around her super comfortable and makes everyone think she's the nicest lady they've ever met despite her screaming about castrating anyone who messes up in class.
  • Mrs. Delano: Literature and Rhetoric Teacher. Has 80 some-odd levels between Orator and Writer and uses those levels to craft supernaturally boring Lectures.
  • Peter Byrnes: [Assistant Principal] to [Principal] Smith. A high level Calculator. The Face in front of the school's workings.
  • [Principal] Smith: Principal of Jack's Highschool.
  • Sam Smith: A Flame Ogress in Jack's Homeroom. Friends with Alex Purcell and Michelle Darlington. Not an Exceptional Female, but Jack decided to keep an eye on her anyways due to her T4 Race and her Exceptional Breasts.

Likely one off Characters Edit

  • Abigail Montgomery: Jack touched her at the start of school when she gave him his class schedule. He recognized her from the DMV when he was getting his license.

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