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Tier 1[]


One of 3 Basic combat classes.

The current iteration of one of history’s oldest Classes the [Fighter] uses their [Strength] and [Agility] to specialize in melee combat with a smattering of gunfighting skills to make them effective on the modern battlefield. While it’s an important and effective foundation for self defense, combat Classes are notoriously difficult to level safely, which is only mostly ameliorated by modern education.

[Fighter] is generally considered the best combat class for people who will only get one combat class. It generally has more situational awareness and "Being an effective combatant" abilities than Gunman.

XP Gain:[]


Trait Points:[]

1 Strength, 1 Agility





Adjacent Vocational Classes[]

Athlete, Archer, Gunman

Parent Classes[]


Child Classes[]

The various classes of the (Style) Specialist and the Spell(style) clusters, possibly with the exception of Arcane Archer and Gunmage.