Tier 3[edit | edit source]

Description:[edit | edit source]

A Human variant very rare outside the American South, usually get physical Trait unlocks instead of Perks as they level. They’re typically either fat or built like a shit brick house.

XP Gain:[edit | edit source]

Work Hard, Play Hard

Trait Points:[edit | edit source]

3 Constitution and 1 assignable to any trait unlocked by Good Ole' Boy (typically more Constitution).

Racial Identifiers[edit | edit source]

Groups[edit | edit source]


Elements[edit | edit source]


Aspects[edit | edit source]


Skills[edit | edit source]


Perks[edit | edit source]

They tend to get perks that unlock new physical Traits.

Parent Races[edit | edit source]

T1 Human

T2 ???

Child Races[edit | edit source]


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