Tier 1[edit | edit source]

Description:[edit | edit source]

Most Classes aren't as old as history. [Student] is exactly as old as history in the West, as it is the creation of this Class by the first [Teacher] Socrates when he invented the perk [Passing the Torch] which enabled people to survive easily enough to have sufficient "leisure" to do frivolous things like write shit down. It's hard to overstate the utility of a couple dozen levels gained in safety.

XP Gain:[edit | edit source]

Learn. Learn from others, especially from [Teachers], Learn by yourself, especially when such [Study] extrapolates on lessons from [Teachers], Learn collaboratively, especially with other [Students]

Trait Points[edit | edit source]

1 Focus, 1 Free

Skills[edit | edit source]

Research, Open Mindedness, Note-Taking, Study, Scheduling

Perks[edit | edit source]

Class Clown, Tabula Rasa, On the Shoulders of Giants, Student of Magic/Magitech/Language/Mathematics, Quick Study, Teacher's Pet

Adjacent vocational classes[edit | edit source]

Student is unique in the way it does not have any adjacent class slots, in stead you gain a slot related to what you've studied and hence is one of the most common ways to gain access to the Mage class

Parent Classes[edit | edit source]


Child Classes[edit | edit source]

Scholar, Calculator, An evolution of mage

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