Tier 1


Most Classes aren't as old as history. [Student] is exactly as old as history in the West, as it is the creation of this Class by the first [Teacher] Socrates when he invented the perk [Passing the Torch] which enabled people to survive easily enough to have sufficient "leisure" to do frivolous things like write shit down. It's hard to overstate the utility of a couple dozen levels gained in safety.

XP Gain:

Learn. Learn from others, especially from [Teachers], Learn by yourself, especially when such [Study] extrapolates on lessons from [Teachers], Learn collaboratively, especially with other [Students]

Trait Points

1 Focus, 1 Free


Research, Open Mindedness, Note-Taking, Study, Scheduling


Class Clown, Tabula Rasa, On the Shoulders of Giants, Student of Magic/Magitech/Language/Mathematics, Quick Study, Teacher's Pet

Adjacent vocational classes

Student is unique in the way it does not have any adjacent class slots, in stead you gain a slot related to what you've studied and hence is one of the most common ways to gain access to the Mage class

Parent Classes


Child Classes

Scholar, Calculator, An evolution of mage

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