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Description: Edit

The single Class which is granted to the overwhelming plurality of individuals in modern society as a Birth Class, and also one for which a majority of the population who gain it over the course of their lives, [Worker] is perhaps the single Class which enables the function of modern society to an extent that could be compared with [Student]. There are some racist twits that say the reason that Europeans exploited the New World to a greater extent than it's native inhabitants had something to do with a "Protestant Work Ethic". Bullshit, Catholics have [Workers] too.

XP Gain: Edit

Work. The further your motivations are divorced from the task at hand the better, until you find your calling.

Trait Points: Edit

2 Endurance

Skills Edit

OSHA Compliance, Scheduling

Perks Edit

On the Clock, Nine to Five

Adjacent vocational classes Edit

Might not apply to worker because as our birth class all slots gained from it are open.

Parent Classes Edit


Child Classes Edit

Caretaker, Farm Hand, Handyman, Housekeeper, Line Cook, Prostitute

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